Saturday, November 8, 2008

Golden Trees

I'm enjoying the beautiful golden leaves on the tree near our house. Here's a poem I found expressing the beauty I see all around. I also love to see the hidden nests that are exposed when the leaves fall.

In Autumn when the leaves turn brownAnd red and gold, they all fall down.To paint a picture, oh so rare!I know that God is there...
To mastermind His ebb and flow;To stage His wondrous Autumn show, To brush His skies with molten gold;I watch His art unfold.
No grander sight could I behold:These leaves of brown and red and gold.But Winter bodes its icy chillsUpon the snow-clad hills.
In time the land, a living scene,Comes bursting forth in savage green;And I confront the season's thievesThat took my Autumn leaves.
But soon a softness in the air!God paints a picture, oh so rareOf Autumn leaves that all turn brownAnd red and gold as they fall down.
~~By Henry W. Gurley.~~

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