Saturday, March 26, 2011

More doelings and other animal pics

We were happy that our goat Siena had 2 girls also! I missed the birth again but Mikey was the first to discover the new babies and that was very fun for him. I love seeing all 4 of the doelings playing together out in the sunshine. They have all been joyful additions to our barnyard. We also have a lop-eared Angora rabbit "Scuffy" and guinea fowl to keep the ticks down (they are great).

Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Our goat, Carmella, gave birth earlier than expected. We didn't expect her to kid until mid-March but her babies came on March 4th.

The girls came running in to tell me and by the time I got to the barn, 2 doelings had been born. Of course, they are as cute as can be and , although I was disappointed to have missed the birth, I am thrilled that the mama goat is being motherly and letting her babies nurse and the twins are healthy.

The kids (my children) are enjoying them and checking on them regularly and taking great care of the goats. Tonight it began to snow and Rebecca went out in the snow to bring the other mama goat in with the others so they'll all stay warm tonight.

I love having goats and I am so happy for 2 more girls!!