Monday, November 10, 2008

Above Rubies

I just received the recent issue of the Above Rubies magazine. This magazine comes out whenever they can publish it as it is run by donations. This is a ministry of building up families throughout the world.
This new issue is on marriage.
I'm so happy when it arrives in the mail! The articles always seem to inspire me and convict me too!

I met Nancy Campbell (the editoress) at an Above Rubies retreat almost a year ago. I was struck with her humble and loving disposition. She is a woman of faith and conviction and is full of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus. I loved meeting her and hearing her speak and praying with her.
I've been getting the magazine for over 15 years now. Nancy has also written to me over the years always encouraging me in the high calling of motherhood and family life. She's been such a blessing to me! I really should be a much better wife and mother by now!

God bless Nancy Campbell and her ministry :)

Here are some words from Nancy Campbell:

God blessed and "said to them..."
What do you say when you open your mouth? Is your first response to bless? To bless your husband? To bless your children? To bless the people you come in contact with? It is a God-like habit we need to cultivate. Think about things you can say that will encourage, inspire and bless and then say them. Words of blessing can be exhilarating words that will gladden a person's heart. They can be exhorting words that will spark vision and revelation and release people to do great things. Blessing words inspire people to be what God created them to be.
The word for “bless” in the Hebrew is eulogeo from eu which means “good” and logos which means “word, speech.” If you are a blessing person as God created you to be you will constantly be speaking good words.


Miss Jen said...

I love Above Rubies too! :)
I'm always anxiously awaiting my next issue.
Mrs.Campbell is a bright light in our day for she proclaims the high calling and blessing of being a wife and mother!
Have you read her book Be Fruitful and Multiply?

That's so neat you got to meet her!!

Hummingbirder said...

Yes, I read that book. I actually won it (in a raffle) while I was on the retreat! I would love to go on another retreat with her. She's an amazing woman of God!