Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First snow dusting

Michael and I were out for our weekly "date night" tonight and it started snowing! Well, it was more like heavy flurries but it was exciting!
We went to Goodwill and found some good buys for only $3 and stepped out into the blowing snow. Exhilarating! We went to a cozy Mexican restaurant following and I ordered a bowl of their soup. That was perfect on a cold night.

I treasure our weekly night outs and I'm glad that we've kept this tradition in our (almost) 20 years of marriage.


Miss Jen said...

How lovely .....snow!
That's something we sadly don't get much of out here in California. Beautiful photo! :)

Hummingbirder said...

Yea, I love the snow! It's snowing right now :)