Sunday, July 19, 2009

New words

I am real happy with how Mikey is progressing! He's been very interactive and seems to be picking up speed with his language. He's starting to put some verbs with all the nouns he knows. I'm so happy to hear "fox running", "lion swimming" and "Mikey's turn", etc.

He's repeating a lot of words that we say and recently went from "hippo" to "hippopotamus". He seems real proud of himself to say this big word. He continues to be fascinated with animals (especially wild animals from Africa).

I realized recently that he can sight read several words. I was writing some down and he started reading them off to me. He also goes around spelling words: fox...f o x .

I'll save the negative stuff he's been doing for another time :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Purple Martins

I visited my neighbor's purple martins today. What a thrill to see so many martins flying in the air! Now to get them over my way...

Monday, July 6, 2009

July Pics

My sister, Caryl, from Washington state came to visit me this past week! We had a great time (often talking until the early morning) and we enjoyed the 4th of July together. She's such a great sister and a help. She is like having my own personal Supernanny. She's helped me to see things with Mikey that I would not have seen otherwise. Thank you, Caryl, I love you!

I'm including some goat pictures. "Sweet-tart" is giving plenty of milk and I milk her twice daily. I took the pics when she was ready to be milked. She was telling me to stop taking pictures and get over here!