Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The hummingbirds are back and the Celtic festival

Every year, I anxiously await the arrival of the beloved hummers. I thought they were very late this year but when I looked back on last year's post, it was the same date as this year...April 26th. I seem to have it in my mind that they return mid April not the end...but anyway they're back and I'm happy.

The Celtic festival which was a big success last year is going to be on Main St. this year! The city council approved it and I'm really looking forward to the Celtic fun and bagpipes downtown on June 19th. Come by and see us if you can! http://www.frontroyalcelticfestival.com/


Tricia said...

You have some great photography here! I was just flipping through blogs, and came upon yours... blessings! I used to be part of a drum and bag band... so I also took a little walk down memory lane! :)

Hummingbirder said...

Thank you, Tricia for stopping by. I can't take credit for all the photography on my blog. I get some of them from Google images.

Bird Pet Supplies said...

Bird feeders are great for attracting beautiful, wild birds. I love it when hummingbirds stop in front of the house for a nibble from my homemade bird feeder.