Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I've been on a roll with cleaning lately because... I have found some great cleaning tools!

I was invited to a cleaning party at my friend's house and because she mentioned natural cleaning, I was interested. Since my first child was little (she's now 20) I have found myself gravitating toward good food, healthy cleaning , etc.

The products are made by a company called Norwex and I'm now a consultant with them!

I had my own party and earned $200 in free products. I love them all , especially the window cloths. We have a big room with 20 windows so this cloth really is useful. All you need is water and this cloth. My windows look better than they ever have with no streaks! only took me 10 minutes or so to do them all. I've been cleaning everything and anything lately (which is a big change!). I usually only get real serious about cleaning when I am 9 months pregnant!

Their microfiber cloths are anti-bacterial, cleaning better than bleach but you only use water and the cloth. I am looking forward to getting their mop and I love the laundry detergent, dryer balls, micro-cloths, the dust mitt, the scrubbers and all.

Michael and I are approaching this new business as a team and we're enjoying this new adventure together. He's been impressed with how the products work and that I'm now cleaning !
The day I cleaned the garage siding that was green with algae, he was convinced. All I used was water and a half of a micro-sponge. He had tried lacquer-thinner on it and was having a hard time getting it off. I even cleaned the car which was filthy from the snow, dirt and salt on the road with only water and the cloths. I wish I could show you how detailed my car looks now.

This company had it's start in Norway and is making it's way into the states. In Canada, these are the biggest home parties that are going. It's the new wave in cleaning and I love it. Can you tell? Anything to get me motivated to clean the house is a real plus!

Here's a website and ours in the making.

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