Sunday, July 19, 2009

New words

I am real happy with how Mikey is progressing! He's been very interactive and seems to be picking up speed with his language. He's starting to put some verbs with all the nouns he knows. I'm so happy to hear "fox running", "lion swimming" and "Mikey's turn", etc.

He's repeating a lot of words that we say and recently went from "hippo" to "hippopotamus". He seems real proud of himself to say this big word. He continues to be fascinated with animals (especially wild animals from Africa).

I realized recently that he can sight read several words. I was writing some down and he started reading them off to me. He also goes around spelling words: fox...f o x .

I'll save the negative stuff he's been doing for another time :)


Erin said...

That is great, Deanna!
Hippopotamus is a pretty cool word.

Mary Anne said...

I'm sure there is a lot inside that he is wanting to figure out how to communicate. He is probably thrilled!

Miss Jen said...

How wonderful... :)
what a blessing!!

Love~ Jenny

Hummingbirder said...

Yeah, I'm happy!
He's able to communicate much better now and we can usually figure out what he's trying to tell us. I think he's pleased that we understand him better now.
Yes, Jenny, such a blessing!