Friday, May 8, 2009

Purple Martins

This morning I saw 4 purple martins! This made my day! :)

I've been trying to attract them to my purple martin house for a couple of years now and it's a big challenge since the house sparrows and starlings try to take it over every year. I kick them out, of course!
A couple of years ago, I got up real early (before the sun was up) and put on a tape which was supposed to attract them to the bird house. Can you believe that? I could barely believe it myself :0

Well, it's time to get the purple martin house out of the attic and try again. My neighbor said it took her four years but now she has lots of purple martins!

The Amish are know for their love of purple martins and almost every Amish farm we visited in PA. had great purple martin houses. I wonder how they deal with the house sparrows and starlings...

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