Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Snow!

Today it snowed almost all day and the kids had lots of sledding fun. I enjoyed watching the snow fall, the kids play and the red cardinals.


Miss Jen said...

Mrs. Turner,
I've tagged you!! ;)

If you are interested go here....


Blessings~Miss Jen

regan said...

i am thoroughly enjoying all your bird pictures. i have recently started bird watching myself since we did a bird unit for our homeschooling. thanks so much for sharing.

Hummingbirder said...

Thank you for your comments, Miss Jen and Regan!
As for now, Jenny, I am going to skip the "tag". I hope you don't mind. I can't think of many others to tag back :)
Regan, Thank you for your sweet comments and I'm glad you've enjoyed my bird pictures. I can't take credit for all of them (some I've found on Google images) but the most recent ones are mine :)
I like to photograph birds but usually they fly away before I can get a good picture of them!